More About Us.

Carrie Yardley, Yardley Esq. PLLC,

A lawyer with nearly twenty-years’ experience assisting clients, Carrie formed Yardley Esq. to work with business owners and individuals. She assists business owners in founding, growing, developing exit strategies and a succession plan.  She assists individuals in estate and elder planning. For small business owners succession planning and estate planning are two sides of the same coin.

Valerie GeredienPhotos by Abbie August 2015 (19), Buzzwings Marketing & Communication

Valerie Geredien, owner and manager of Buzzwings Marketing & Communication, is a creative partner and navigator, accomplished in the art and science of developing successful marketing programs and communication plans. Years of helping clients in many different industries gives Valerie a unique perspective on how to help small businesses succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

Erin Smith, Wheatberry Design,

Erin specializes in “hand-drawn design for home-grown businesses.”  Combining her fine art print and design skills with her passion for her community, she matches businesses’ values and missions to images.  Her designs are organic and intimate, catered to small Maine businesses, farmers, environmentally sustainable businesses and non-profits. She works one-on-one and values the relationships she builds with her clients and customers. Erin brings to Wheatberry Design a strong respect for the entrepreneurial spirit, a solid work ethic, and an eye for design with a fine artist’s touch.

P9180236 (2)Susan Walters, Stories That Shine

Susan Walters helps you tell your stand-out personal story to connect with clients. A professional writer with extensive experience in marketing and education, Susan creates and edits web copy and professional biographies for individuals and businesses. ​



Leah Twitchell, K&L Social Media


Leah Twitchell has a degree in Creative Writing and a passion for communicating important ideas. She’s found her niche in Social Media Marketing, helping businesses get their message out on social networks. She loves the fact that businesses large and small can be “popular” on the web. She’s passionate about putting social media strategies into practice and has found that sharing important information and making meaningful connections are the best ways to build a brand.


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